Display elegance, activate life. Display elegance, activate life.


Display elegance, activate life.
Serendipitous warmth always happens. 

Meaning of 1a1a

"1" represents never forget the original intention, consistently, single-mindedly create values for users. We firmly believe that our team can achieve and creating :1+1= infinite possibilities value.

"A" means that we adhere to the selection of high-quality materials, high-standard manufacturing technology, and continue to create tier "A" products, as well as grade "A" impression and recognition in customers’ mind.

Brand Tenet

Starting from the sports apparel, our brand delivers a humanistic, warm, comfortable and healthy lifestyle to consumers who pursue the quality of life. We are committed to shaping and perfecting people's future with continuous improvement of our products, services and consumer experiences, so as to "make interpersonal connection warm and glow".

Our Mission

Creating incremental value

Our Vision

Achieve a warm, humanistic, comfy and healthy lifestyle.

Behind our logo

With the increase of global carbon emissions, the effects of global warming are significant. Antarctic glaciers are also undergoing critical changes: the melting of glaciers caused sea level to rise, global climate has been changing rapidly, extreme weather events occur more and more frequently, and the ecological environment is severely damaged. According to scientific research, the polar glaciers are the largest stockpiles of ancient viruses.

Once the glaciers melt completely, these viruses could be released, leading an unprecedented disaster to mankind. Global warming and the continuous melting of glaciers concern the fate of human beings and ecological environment. It requires the joint efforts of the international community to prevent further global warming.

We choose the Antarctic penguin as the LOGO of our brand, calling for focusing on the harmony between human and nature, protecting community of shared future, and minimizing the damage to the environment.